Redtail Screen

Redtail Screen is situated in a luxury housing community overlooking the expansive Hudson Valley. The client’s primary request was a design that provided intimate privacy from the street and adjacent neighbors, while capturing every bit of the Hudson Valley’s magnificent scenery. The resulting form is strategically opaque on the front and sides, utilizing ornamental Corten screening and a clerestory window to maximize natural light.

The home is both modest and intriguing when approached. Steel, concrete, and wood comprise the three primary building materials – each explored with a measure of geometric scaling. From afar, they convey their tonality, sheen, and weight, representing themselves in an honest, almost simple, light. When inspected up close you engage the deliberate porosity, vertical geometric expressions, and modular paneling that breaks down their scale and brings lightness to these otherwise weighty materials.  

The rear of the home is a distinctly different experience. Communal areas feature full height glass with views overlooking the lake and mountainscape. Privacy is still paramount as main living spaces are set back, orienting the transparency inward by creating recessed vantage points from within.