About Us

Ralston Architects is an award-winning architecture firm, globally recognized by discerning clients seeking the finest in modern design and a discreet, high-end service.

As the guide on every project, we synthesize architecture, interior design, and landscape into one holistic experience to create a smooth, effortless journey for our clients. This unwavering commitment to excellence extends through construction to ensure the design is executed with highly crafted skill, care, and attention to detail.

Over time, our devotion – an act of adoration for our clients – leads to long lasting friendships and numerous creative endeavors together.

The process of design is a deeply personal experience. With genuine care and curiosity we create a home that - like a perfect song - speaks to you and lets you delight in a level of luxury so alive you can feel it.
Warren C. Ralston

Warren C. Ralston

Principal, Founder

Neeta Paul

Design Director

Anna Major

Senior Project Architect
Anna has always been interested in blurring the line between architecture and interior design. She loves to work on the details of each home and finds fulfillment with every project: getting to know each client and their family and their smiles when presenting their future home.

Mateusz Dzierzanowski

Senior Project Architect
Before his architectural career, Mateusz worked as a general contractor in residential construction. Fascinated by the profound effect that expressive modern design has on residential architecture, Mateusz imbues elegant design and execution on both the macro and micro scale.

Pallavi Puranik

Senior Project Manager
Pallavi finds it exhilarating to help guide the creative process and she shares her experience to enhance the firm’s creativity, collaboration, and employee growth. The entrepreneurial culture of Ralston gives her opportunities to be not just an employee but an intrapreneur.

Evan Stoddard

Project Architect
As a project architect for the Mid-Atlantic region, Evan works by the following tenets: pride in authorship, commitment to learning, and sustaining the firm’s legacy through his contributions. On every project, he strives to cultivate close relationships through empathy, enthusiasm, and receptiveness.

Haley Smith

Project Architect
Haley is driven by a desire to craft welcoming and functional spaces in which we live. As a licensed architect with a passion for residential architecture, she is dedicated to guiding clients through their journey in homemaking– to mold their vision into reality.

Savannah Aprahamian

Project Manager
Savannah communicates with empathy and is inspired by the desire to connect people with spaces that are a reflection of themselves, their families, and their creative sides. As a so-called translator for clients, she helps bring their ideas to life and creates homes to house memories for years to come.

Kelly Ralston

Sourcing Director
Guiding Ralston's procurement strategy with expertise and foresight, Kelly excels in securing high-quality supplies while optimizing costs. Her ability to foster strong supplier relationships and her keen market insight ensure that every project’s needs are met without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Matthew Hill

With a Ralston design requiring so much attention to detail in order to execute its signature balance of intricacy and simplicity, Matthew thrives on the creative problem solving that comes with every project. He feels fortunate to create occupiable art that is an active and real part of someone’s life. 

Mariam Alsaigh

The unique key to Miriam’s role as a design associate is orchestrating the work in terms of quality and pace, ensuring that every aspect of a project operates without missing a beat. She admires how each project is a sensitive and unique experience that allows her to dive deep into every minor detail.

Natalie Wolf

Experience Manager
Working alongside a dynamic and diverse team, Natalie’s impact on the overall workflow is due to her keen attention to detail and ability to streamline procedures. What she finds particularly exciting about Ralston is how neither the architect's artistry or the client's requirements are ever compromised.