Neeta Paul

Design Director

Neeta’s purpose, her Ikigai, is to design and be involved in creative endeavors that have a lasting impact on people’s lives.

As Ralston’s Design Director, Neeta oversees a multidisciplinary studio encompassing architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, furniture procurement, and digital visualization. Her award-winning experience enables her to guide project ideation and lead design development to ensure the essence of the project is preserved through every phase until completion. Neeta meticulously reviews drawings, mockups, materials, and finish samples, consistently delivering top-tier professional service to both clients and contractors. Her role extends to active involvement in business development and marketing efforts. 

One of Neeta’s core beliefs is that project constraints are catalysts for innovation, each presenting a unique opportunity to shape extraordinary outcomes. Infusing this perspective with her meticulous approach to comprehending her clients’ needs, she adeptly transforms their entire world – their habits, hobbies, behaviors, and routines – into a fully customized living space they intuitively call home. 

Neeta has designed and work on over 50 projects in Germany, Switzerland, and France spanning residential, religious, commercial office, and industrial sectors, Neeta possesses unparalleled expertise in tailoring designs to meet each client’s unique requirements. 

Her dedication to creating distinctive forms that align with equally unique programming has earned her recognition through multiple architecture competitions and prestigious awards, including the 2022 German Design Award for Best Office Building, adjudicated by the German Design Council—the official brand and design authority of the German government. Notably, her portfolio includes a 250-person office building nestled amidst a vineyard in Southern Germany and a modern minimalist church in Switzerland. 

Neeta possesses a holistic perspective, viewing form and function, interior and exterior, building and landscape as interconnected aspects of a single architectural soul—a confluence of all these elements. To her, architecture is a living art that shapes the way we think and live.