Our client’s passion for clean, minimal details, sustainability, and dry-stack stone is reflected in the design. Modernism takes precedence in shaping the home’s form and materials, seamlessly blending large gable volumes with the region’s traditional architecture. The outcome is a serene and inviting environment, nestled atop a grassy knoll in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Open floorplans, large glass facades, and thoughtful landscape elements connect the 28-acre property with the home. A meandering driveway, occasionally bordered by dry-stone walls and mature trees, winds its way through wildflower meadows, creating a captivating visual journey that draws residents and guests into the surrounding natural beauty while leading them towards the heart of the home.

Dry-stack walls, reminiscent of the historic towns that grace the Virginia countryside, becomes a defining motif in the landscape. Inspired by our client’s passion, the entrance façade elegantly transforms from a low dry-stack stone wall into a prominent feature wall, actualizing their vision and forging a distinctive connection between the architecture and the environment. 

A glass entryway flanked by 4-ribbon windows gives light ample passage through the stone wall to playfully light the home during twilight. This illumination extends into the home, enhancing the ambiance as day turns to night. Expanding on the porous entrance, a serene reflection pool edges into the home’s North façade to blend the outdoor Zen Garden with the home’s interior. The eastern façade is comprised of large glass windows that afford unobstructed views and engage patrons of the pool and gym. Veranda and louvers playfully diffuse sunlight into the airy gathering place that features an infinity pool, dining and sunbathing areas while directly connecting the hilltop home to its surrounding landscape. 

The guest wing is enveloped by lush greenery, providing the three guest suites with a tranquil view of the hardwood forest that defines the region. Southern-facing windows embrace natural light, while an internal light well in the guest corridor nurtures a flourishing tree garden.

Each element of this home has been carefully considered to prioritize form, function, and connection with the surrounding landscape. The client’s passion for traditional landscape elements has been beautifully integrated into the design, with the entrance wall and guest corridor serving as a stunning showcase for dry stack stone and internal tree gardens.