This contemporary farmhouse used two primary concepts to drive the design – a free-flowing visual connection from inside to out and evolving the existing architectural heritage of the property.

Twin gables protrude from the hillcrest to ground the livable space into the landscape and pay homage to the site’s existing traditional architecture. Glass and metal push and expand through the bulk of the barn, library, and stair forms to lighten and broaden their respective environments. Their large façades augment traditional models using contemporary material creating a balance between familiar and progressive designs.


The barn and library are designed to the homeowner’s different variable creative styles. Each space features three walls of glass. A purposeful decision intended to keep those at study or gardening looking out towards the landscape – to the bigger picture – literal instances of seeing the forest through the trees.

To further integrate the new home within its existing context, our team used Abodo Vulcan exterior cladding. This a board-and-batten style siding product is emblematic of farmhouses and engineered for superior performance and durability, further embodying the traditional-contemporary duality of the design.